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About Us

ImSafeNow is a company that is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable physical and mental safety tools to all in need. We understand the importance of complete wellbeing and believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to receive professional help.

We are passionate about promoting positivity and growth, and strive to empower our clients to live their best lives. At ImSafeNow, we believe in the power of human connection and the importance of collective support

Our Mission

We are incredibly honored to introduce the dedicated and visionary Board of Directors steering ImSafeNow. Comprising esteemed professionals from diverse backgrounds—including tech innovation, mental health advocacy, and social work—our Board collectively harnesses years of experience and unmatched expertise. This distinguished group tirelessly champions our mission, actively engaging in the complex problem-solving and creative thinking needed to scale our impact. The Board of Directors at ImSafeNow isn't just a governing body; it's the heart and soul of a movement determined to effect substantial, life-changing improvements in the realms of physical and mental security for vulnerable populations.

Our Board of Directors.

Paul Goggin is co-founder and CTO/COO of The Able Channel, Inc a unique streaming and digital health platform, delivering inspirational stories of the human spirit and heart, along with real people and their loved ones prevailing over the inevitable challenges of their lives.

Paul Goggin

Paul Goggin - Board of director for ImSafeNow

Lata Sharma is a powerhouse entrepreneur and compassionate innovator at the helm of ImSafeNow, Inc. A visionary from the age of 19, she seamlessly melds tech prowess with a heartfelt mission.  The startup is primed for field testing and mass roll-out, powered by AI to improve physical safety and mental well-being. ImSafeNow isn't just a business—it's Lata's lifelong mission.

Lata Sharma

Lata Sharma - Founder of ImSafeNow

Siri has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Mount Carmel College in Bangalore, India, and a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting from Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Michigan. She is currently the Assistant Director of Financial Operations for the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.

Siri Gauri Melkote

Suresh is passionate about operational excellence. A former GE-trained Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, he brings extensive global industry experience in product prototyping, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and setting up optimal supply chains. He has advanced degrees and training from USA, UK and India.

Suresh K Sharma

Our Board of Advisors

A collective of accomplished experts in technology, mental health, law enforcement, and social advocacy. Guided by a shared commitment to enhancing the safety and well-being of women and children, our advisors lend their diverse skill sets and vast experience to help fine-tune our mission and amplify our impact. With their invaluable insights, we are pioneering AI-driven solutions and crafting personalized support networks that empower our users to live safer, healthier lives.

Chief Technical Officer

Our Partners

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