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Help your Friends and family

Connect to your Network of Helpers. Send instant alerts and get help immediately!

Physical Safety 

Our new wearable button allows you to instantly alert your family, friends or community helpers if you are in an unsafe situation. With a simple operation, the ImSafeNow button and mobile App puts the safety of you and your family right at your fingertips.
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Emotional Support

ImSafeNow Chat functionality allows you to reach out to hundreds of counselors when you want to talk to somebody and get help.

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“As a survivor, I know what one goes through every day in your whole life. It is a mental challenge and a nightmare. You feel lonely and scared to reach out to anyone; in case your abuser found out, that day would be even more horrifying. If I had the ‘ImSafeNow’ button, I know I didn’t have to endure all those days and months of struggle and loneliness. I would know that I have my trusted network to reach out anytime and to talk to counselors in times of need. I am happy that we have this product available today that will help many others.”

In The Media

How to Help Domestic Violence Survivors

| Crystal Justice and Lata Sharma | Purse Power

Ep. 175 – Crystal Justice and Lata Sharma – Even though rarely talked about, the issue of domestic violence is much more common than you might think, and mostly affects women and communities of color. Crystal Justice has more than 18 years of experience dealing with the issue and will help us understand it better. Crystal Justice is the Chief External Affairs Officer for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. She provides communication and fundraising leadership for the only 24/7 365 days hotline in the nation, serving victims and survivors via calls, chats, and texts. Lata Sharma is the founder of ImSafeNow, a company building a complete safety solution by using…

1 in 3
Throughout the world will experience
physical and/or sexual violence
Younger people under 30are at higher risk
1 in 4
Adults suffer from a diagnosable
mental disorder
Youth of ages 13-18 live
with a mental health condition

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